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Florida Court Declares All of PPACA Unconstitutional

In a lengthy decision in Florida v. DHHS yesterday, a judge in Florida ruled in favor of the plaintiffs, including 26 state attorneys general, that all provisions of PPACA are unconstitutional, as they exceed Congress’ authority. First, the court decided that the individual insurance mandate went beyond the appropriate scope of Congress’ power to regulate interstate commerce. The … Continue Reading

Constitutional Decisions on PPACA Begin

We are beginning to see action (and divergent results) on the various court challenges to PPACA, starting with two recent decisions. As explained in SSD’s Sixth Circuit Blog, the federal court for the Western District of Michigan dismissed the case of Thomas More Law Center, et al. v. Obama (E.D. Mich., Case No. 10-CV-11156) (PDF) that challenged whether Congress has authority … Continue Reading