A long day today at the U.S. Supreme Court for PPACA attorneys.  This morning, argument was all about whether any unconstitutional parts of PPACA can be severed from the entire Act or if the whole Act must be stricken.  As before, oral arguments are available in audio and transcript on the Court’s website.
The afternoon session focused on the less well publicized aspect of PPACA — the requirements that states expand Medicaid coverage if they want to continue receiving any federal Medicaid funding.  Although these provisions have received less press coverage, they are key issues for state governments.  The audio and transcript for the afternoon session are also available from the Court.
Notably, press coverage of the third day of arguments is markedly less, though CNN and the
Washington Post have pieces on the final day’s issues.
The Justices will preliminarily vote on the case at the end of the week, which will be followed by a period for the Justices and their clerks to write and circulate opinions until the decision is finalized.  ETA on the ruling is sometime in June, when this term ends.