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Ohio Senate Bill 140 Proposes Sweeping Changes to Ohio Insurance Laws

Posted in Insurance, Ohio

Introduced on June 4, 2013, Ohio S.B. 140 proposes to make some of the most significant changes to Ohio’s insurance laws since perhaps the Ohio Healthcare Simplification Act (H.B. 125) in 2008.  If passed, the bill will impact everything from insurer’s filing and disclosure obligations, reinsurance options, online and other automated transactions, risk management programs… Continue Reading

A Tale of Two (or More) Types of Physician Terminations: Ohio Muddles the Responsibility for Notifying Patients When Their Doctor Departs

Posted in Hospitals, Ohio, Physician Practice, Regulatory Compliance

On March 22, 2013, a new Ohio law will go into effect that seeks to clarify who must notify a patient that his or her physician’s employment has been terminated.  Under Ohio Revised Code Section 4731.228, the “health care entity” that employs a physician is now responsible for notifying the physician’s patients that the physician’s… Continue Reading

Ohio’s Proposed Budget

Posted in Ohio

Last week, Ohio Governor John Kasich announced his proposal to balance Ohio’s budget (the Blue Book).   Because the Ohio budget is in large part reserved for Medicaid, health care changes play a significant role in the new budget plan. The slides below are from a presentation summarizing Kasich’s budget plan.  The plan is merely an… Continue Reading